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I would like to thank Romik Solar for all their help to complete my solar project in a very professional manner. The team worked very hard to get me the best deal and also value for money to suite my budget. Romik Solar fulfilled all their promises regarding the project. Thank you for doing such an awesome, professional and neat job. I would definitely recommend Romik Solar for all your Solar needs.

B. Naidoo


Romik Solar installed a solar back up system at our premises. His workmanship is neat and he goes the extra mile for his clients! When we had load shedding, I was not even aware the rest of the suburb was in darkness. Great service. Great Product. Thank you!!!

Hannelie du Plooy


I am very impressed with you guys once again. The second installation and upgrade of my solar system went very well. The installation is very neat and working like a dream. Yesterday most of Alberton and Germiston areas were without power until this morning sometime and I did not even notice it until my wife informed me. Thanks a million!! I would recommend you to any person wanting to have a solar system installed.



How we work

We start off the solar budget by acquiring the customers budget, this is imperative to knowing what products and what kind of SOLAR sytem can be built. Once we have a budget we install an energy meter into the db of the clients premises, in order to design a system around the clients specific needs. The systems are plug and play meaning you can add to any solar system with regards to batteries, panels and even inverters.

What we offer

Ups/battery system 1:

This would be an inverter batteries and the switch gear. As is this system would not save you money as the inverter uses Eskom to switch on. This is basically the start of a solar journey and a load shedding option. Dependant on how large of a battery bank you purchase. This system can be upgraded.

Grid tied system 2:

This system has an inverter and panels. This system would be good for businesses as you run on the panels during the day. This system is totally dependent on Eskom to power the inverter once Eskom goes down you go down. How ever this will save your business money as long as there is a power source initially you can run your loads through this system

Hybrid System 3:

This would be a complete system using panels batteries and the inverter. Dependant on the inverter you can also attach a generator to the input in case of extreme cloud cover and the substation going down. This system will save you money going forward and dependant on the battery bank wilk start your journey to being off grid. This system can be upgraded with panels inverters and batteries.
Basically you run on solar during the day and ensure your batteries are charged fully during the course of the day. You can programme the inverter to force charge the batteries at a preset time should you know the load shedding schedule The batteries can be charged by Eskom the panels and a generator if required Romik also offer companies a zero capex option. Zero cost to the client for a full solar array giving you day time savings. We require six to twelve month electricty bills, the premises must be owned by the company and a minimum of 30 Kw consumed.

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